2019 Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge presented by: Accurate Ordnance Results

Wow, what a weekend! Over 150 competitors battled it out over two days of shooting in tricky winds with temperatures ranging from 45 to 85 degrees with blue bird skies. When the dust settled at the 2019 Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Accurate Ordnance your top five were:
1st- Matt Utroska
2nd- Justin Pender
3rd- John Sneed
4th- Ben Gossett
5th- Robert Brandley

Category Winners
Top Senior- John Sneed
Top Mil/LEO- Ben Gossett
Top Lady- Jaclyn Bryan
Top Tactical- Ryan Castle

2018 Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge presented by: Accurate Ordnance Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge presented by Accurate Ordnance this past weekend! It was beautiful weather, and a large turnout.

After the scores were collected your top finishers are:
1st- Brian Allen
2nd- Steve Mc
3rd- Hunter Sykes
4th- Ben Gossett
5th- Tyler Pain
Top Tactical- Sean Murphy
Top female- Christine Allen

2017 Alabama Precision Charity Challenge presented by: Accurate Ordnance

We could not have asked for better weather. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Quick thank you to all the competitors who chose to shoot the APCC presented by Accurate Ordnance. You guys were great and made it a very enjoyable weekend for the AP Staff.

After the scores were collected your top finishers are:
1st - Tyler Payne
2nd - Brandon Hembree
3rd - Brian Allen
4th - Bradley Allen
5th - Shannon Kay
Top Lady- Christine Allen
Top Tac- Buck Holly


2017 Guardian Long Range Challenge hosted by Alabama Precision

Wow, what a Saturday. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from a Guardian match but after spending the weekend with Gary, that was one of the most rewarding matches. We had many new shooters and several experienced ones but everyone had a great attitude. If you haven't heard Gary's testimony about his adoption you are missing out. I love to see passion in what people do and Gary has it! Although I love PRS matches it was nice to take a break from the competitiveness it brings and just hangout with a bunch of good guys. Chuck did a phenomenal job running lead on the match and stage design.

2017 Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge presented by: Accurate Ordnance, Manners Composite Stocks, & Stiller's Precision Firearms Results

Well it has been a whirlwind of a weekend. We had everything from sunny and 90 degrees to tornado warnings, rain and wind. Boy did we have wind!

After the scores were collected your top finishers are:
1st- Brandon Hembree
2nd- Bradley Allen
3rd- Shannon Kay
4th- Tate Streeter
5th- Justin Shireman
Top Tactical- Brandon Zielinski
Top female- Christine Allen

We are still drying out and will get pictures up soon but we wanted to go ahead and post the scores.

We want to thank the ROs for their tireless work and keeping everyone safe. Also, thank you to Chuck, Ben, David S., David T. and Justin. Their constant hard work over many weekends made everything possible.


Until next time guys,

Mar 18th Alabama Precision Shooter's Challenge

We are thankful to everyone who came out to Alabama Precision this Saturday to shoot with us. We pushed through some early morning rain and ended up with a beautiful (but windy) day! We had a record number 96 competitors shoot with us this weekend which included many new faces. The competitors were treated to a fantastic lunch courtesy of Pat McKenzie and his family. There wouldn't be a match without the ROs and we are extremely thankful for their hard work. After the dust settled and the glitches in PractiScore were fixed your top three competitors were Brian Allen, Christine Allen and Troy Lawton. Thank you guys for a safe and fun Saturday.

2017 Upcoming Dates

Guys, we are happy to announce the dates for the 2017 season. In addition to the dates we wanted to let everyone know we will be at a new facility for the foreseeable future. It will give us room to grow for years to come and allow us to keep the natural terrain environment. The property is located near Carbon Hill, Alabama which is North West of Birmingham.