Mar 18th Alabama Precision Shooter's Challenge

We are thankful to everyone who came out to Alabama Precision this Saturday to shoot with us. We pushed through some early morning rain and ended up with a beautiful (but windy) day! We had a record number 96 competitors shoot with us this weekend which included many new faces. The competitors were treated to a fantastic lunch courtesy of Pat McKenzie and his family. There wouldn't be a match without the ROs and we are extremely thankful for their hard work. After the dust settled and the glitches in PractiScore were fixed your top three competitors were Brian Allen, Christine Allen and Troy Lawton. Thank you guys for a safe and fun Saturday.

As we mentioned at the match, our good friend and fellow shooter Matt Chelette is going through a tough time and has been through some pretty serious health issues. A friend of the family has set up a go fund me account to help out the family. Please check it out to find out more information and consider donating to help out.

Finally, I am thankful for the hard work the past several weeks from my wife Emily, Ben D. Pinkleton, Chuck Liveoak , Tosha Greene , David Saunders, David Tapp, John Saunders, Justin Pender, Keith Rosetta and Stephanie Bryant Hawthorne and Justin Hurst. It simply would not have happened with out these guys.


Full results here