June 24th Alabama Precision Shooter's Challenge

Guys and Gals, 
Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to shoot with us. We had just under 90 shooters show up to shoot with us as we shot 91 rounds over 11 stages. Your top three finishers were:

1st- Bo Brock
2nd- Brandon Hembree
3rd- Troy Lawton

We are extremely thankful to our shooting and non-shooting ROs. It is a lot to RO and shoot and we really appreciate you guys!

To put on this level of match it takes a crew of people to make it happen. We have the best at AP and without them it just simply would not happen. They take days off of work, time away from home, work weekends and sacrifice more than most will ever know. Once again Ben D. Pinkleton, David Saunders, Justin Pender, Chuck Liveoak and Tosha Greene thank you for all you guys do to make AP successful. When you see these guys make sure you thank them. We all love to shoot matches but few understand what all goes into a successful match... these guys know.

Full results here