2017 Alabama Precision Rifle Challenge presented by: Accurate Ordnance, Manners Composite Stocks, & Stiller's Precision Firearms Results

Well it has been a whirlwind of a weekend. We had everything from sunny and 90 degrees to tornado warnings, rain and wind. Boy did we have wind!

After the scores were collected your top finishers are:
1st- Brandon Hembree
2nd- Bradley Allen
3rd- Shannon Kay
4th- Tate Streeter
5th- Justin Shireman
Top Tactical- Brandon Zielinski
Top female- Christine Allen

We are still drying out and will get pictures up soon but we wanted to go ahead and post the scores.

We want to thank the ROs for their tireless work and keeping everyone safe. Also, thank you to Chuck, Ben, David S., David T. and Justin. Their constant hard work over many weekends made everything possible.


Until next time guys,