Pender Precision Rifles Intro to Precision Rifle, presented by Alabama Precision

Are you bored of shooting from a bench at 100 yards? Do you want to learn how to engage long range targets from unconventional positions? How about multiple target engagements at different distances and short time constraints? If you answered yes to these questions, then this course from Pender Precision Rifles is for you.

Class Details:

  • Class Date: Sat Aug 6, 2016
  • Registration Date: OPEN
  • Location: Brock's Gap Training Center, Hoover, AL
  • Class Size: 10 - 20 (minimum of 10 required)

Minimum Gear Requirement:

  • Precision rifle capable of 1 inch grouping at 100yds
  • Quality optics with Open turrets 
  • Bipod - most of the shooting will be prone or modified prone
  • 100 rounds MATCH grade ammunition
  • Ballistic Calculator APP (kestrel, Applied Ballistics, Ballistic AE, Shooter, etc)
    Please know your muzzle velocity, bullet ballistic coefficient, barrel twist rate
  • Shooting mat (optional but recommended)
  • Ear protection
  • Eye Protection (optional but recommended)
  • Pen / Paper (optional but recommended)
  • Weather Appropriate Clothing