alabama precision shooter's challenge

The Alabama Precision Shooter's Challenges will be a one-day matches with a high emphasis on fun!  Shooters are encouraged to not only help each other, but also learn from fellow competitors.  While it is a competition, the main goal is to welcome newer shooters and create a learning environment for all participants.  It will be fun and challenging for the new shooter, as well as the more experienced shooters. Target engagements will be from 100 to 1000 yards and will involve pistol, adding to the fun factor.  This competition will count for PRS one-day match points.

These competitions will be held at various locations in Alabama.  

These matches also count towards the Southeastern Shooter’s Challenge Yearly Points Race Series. Check out the SEPRCA website for more information.

Rounds: 80-100
Pistol Rounds: 30-50
Distances: 100 - 1000 yards
Rifle: Up to .30 caliber and maximum muzzle velocity of 3150 fps

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